A playful, curious rescued tabby kitten, stealing hearts with mischief, cuddles, and a purr that speaks volumes!


Placed 9th

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What's your cat’s favorite toy and/or go-to treat?

Suki is all about that cucumber teaser cat toy—hours of playful pouncing! And when it comes to treats, nothing beats the Friskies Lil' Shakes tuna & salmon for this discerning feline.

What is your favorite thing about your cat?

My favorite thing about Suki? Her personality is absolutely otherworldly! She's like a little human with her expressive facial expressions, plays tag like a champ, and her vocal 'Eat Eat' when hungry is just too adorable to resist!

Why should your cat be America’s Favorite?

Suki should be America's favorite cat because she's a purr-fect blend of charm, wit, and a dash of sass! Her human-like expressions, playful demeanor, and adorable vocal cues make her a standout feline companion that embodies what we all adore about our furry friends.