Welcome to the Wild Side

The world’s largest pet competition is going wild with the launch of a brand-new chapter— Animal Kingdom! Open to animals of all shapes, sizes, and species, ONE pet will win $10,000 and pounce into the spotlight with a 2-page feature in InTouch Magazine.

Our Legacy

Animal Kingdom is a new branch of our legacy, America’s Favorite Pet, which will continue to run each spring. To date, we have funded the rescue and rehabilitation of over 5,300 animals by helping PAWS expand their wildlife rehab programs. We remain a faithful advocate for PAWS and are always looking for ways to grow and support this rescue mission.

Lending a Paw

We are thrilled to partner with the PAWS Foundation to join in their mission to help cats, dogs, and wild animals thrive in happy, healthy homes or in their natural habitats. PAWS actively rehabilitates orphaned and injured wildlife, shelters and adopts homeless cats and dogs, and provides education and outreach within the community to promote compassionate action for animals.

Take a walk on the wild side

Registration is now closed for 2022.