Hope is 10 years old (Was the runt of her litter!) She’s the most cuddliest, and loving doggo!


Placed 7th

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What's your dog’s favorite toy and/or go-to treat?

Hopey loves to play some tug of war here and there if you get her wilded up ;) Also, her favorite treat is peanut butter or a pup cup!

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

Well everything is my favorite about Hope of course! But if I had to choose, my two favorite things…would be how she sneezes instead of barks when she wants something, and I love seeing how excited she gets with her little head tilts when I mention me taking her on a walk! I also love that she loves other dogs! She doesn’t bark at them! Just sneezes to say hello! Haha

Why should your dog be America’s Favorite?

I think Hope should be America’s Favorite dog because she truly is a one of a kind of doggy. I’ve never met any other dog that is so well behaved! Or that loves to cuddle with you no matter how big she is! Also, I think it’s pretty awesome that even though she’s not trained to do so, she can chase down her own dinner if you give her the chance! Overall, Hope is like no other dog! I will never truly find another dog as amazing as her!